Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cycling-Day 28-Yabitsu Pass(163.6/4,976.2km)

Day 28, 82days for cycling, total distance 4,976.2km, total climb 64,875m
Yabitsu Pass 6:01-17:59
Distance today 163.6km, climb 2,073m, duration 9:59, avg speed 16.4km/h, burned 5,004kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

For adjusting the jet lag, I run far today.
Awake up at 5:30, starting at 6am.

The jet lag wakes me smoothly.

Today, I go to Yabitsu pass, a famous hill climbing spot in Kanto.
Yabitsu pass is located in Tanzawa moutains, west of Kanagawa Prefecture.

I use a riverside road to Kakio, that I found when I ran in Tama district.

I wanted to avoid climbing but I go into hills when I try to short cut.

Unexpected climbing...

7:30 Kakio.

Tanzawa mountains are seen ahead. Still far far away.

8:20 Kamimizo station. Many ups and downs till there.

8:45 Across the Sagami river.

I came here when I ran from Tama river to Sagami river.
After Sagami river, I approach to hills and see ups and downs.

9:24 Entrance to Miyagase dam.

Wow, how steep!!
After the slope I come to the dam.

9:31 Miyagase dam.

The lake side road has some dark tunnels, which are very scarely as cars run fast.

9:42 Lake Miyagase.

This lake is artificial by the dam for water supply in Kanagawa prefecture.

My iphone got trouble there. The application was not responding and I could not switch off. I pressed the power switch several times and finally could switch off and restart. I wasted over 30 minutes.

10:18 Entrance of Yabitsu pass. The hill climbing begins.

This road is rough and wet.

Slippery when descending.

11:45 Yabitsu pass.

At the beginning the road is flat and I run with the fastest gears, but at the end it is steep.
I was too optimistic to be able to climb less than an hour.

I found I left my wallet at home. I am thirsty but I cannot buy anything.
I wanted to have some delicious foods at the beach, but cannot.
I have to buy drinks and foods at a convenience store, which allows me to pay with electric cash with my mobile phone. No fan...

Just after descending, I see a nice view.

Looking at the whole Sagami bay.

Enoshima island.

I go there on the way home. Looks very very far from here.

Hadano city.

A cyclist took me a picture.

Just after it I found an observatory. Now I take pictures again.

I should go ahead without taking pictures...

After descending the pass, I find there are some slopes.
I did not wanted to climb again and choose the river side avoiding climbing.

At the end the road becomes very rough.

Good for an MTD?

13:46 Across the Sagami river again on Route 134.

14:30 Enoshima. I planned to have lunch there, but I am very late.

Enoshima is very crowded in national holidays.

I can see the Tanzawa mountains, where I was there a few hours ago.

It is emotive that I came that far.

14:45 Leaving Enoshima. I go back on the usual road.

15:36 Totsuka station.

Usually I become exhausted on the way back from Enoshima and speed down to 15km/h or slower. Today I energize myself and run fast.

16:24 Yokohama station, 30km from Enoshima. Today I could run in a good pace.

The cyclists ahead of me were awful.
They changed lanes without looking behind. They were almost hit by a car.

This picture is another example. They changed lanes suddenly again and the car had full breaking.

A few nasty cyclists may give an image that all cyclist are same.
In Japan, a car driver is more responsible even if the cyclist is wrong. The car driver must be scared with the cyclists.

How annoying!

I take a short break at a McDonald's (where I can use electric cash) and go further.

17:28 Across Tama river.

Getting dark now.

18:00 End of work.

12 hours in total, net running for 10 hours.

Today I am exhausted after running over 160km and hill climbing.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

USA -day 9-Michigan to Japan

Continued from USA -day 7,8-Michigan, MTB-Day 2-Pinckney(20.6/58.8km)

Last day in the US.

A friend of mine Mr. ShiroHoppy told me we should drink Apple cyder in Michigan.
My friend took us to a super market to buy on the way to the airport.

A cup of drink at the deli table. Not an apple juice. More rich taste.

The super market.

It is a shame to leave.

Lunch at the downtown of Ann Arbor.

Central European food. The US has various foods.

She drove us to the airport and we say good-bye.

And say good-bye to the US.

A tram is running inside of the building at Detroit airport.

We were afraid of cancellation or delay due to the typhoon in Japan, but the flight successfully leaves.

Always Heineken.

Many thanks to Mr. V's family in Princeton and Yoshi family in Michigan.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

USA -day 7,8-Michigan, MTB-Day 2-Pinckney(20.6/58.8km)

Day 2, 7days for MTB cycling, total distance 58.8km, total climb 1,181m
Pinckney 14:39-16:43
Distance today 20.6km, climb 222m, duration 2:4, avg speed 9.9km/h, burned 654kcal
Gear: Cannondale F600

Continued from USA -day 6-Chicago

Route today.

It was raining yesterday. I wanted to ride an MTB, but gave up. After raining, I tried Trike.

I was struggling first. My skiing skills helped me for the ride after 30mins practice.

Today my friend Yoshi takes me for an MTB ride.

Brighton State Park for the first.

It was exciting with up and down trails.

My log could not work but Yoshi tells me the ride was 10km.

We drive back to Ann Arbor down town.

Nice quiet town.

Jewish retaurant, Jerusalem.

Nice foods!

In the afternoon we go to Wataloo-Pinckney State Park.

This is also a nice trial.

Few steep up and down and very nice trail.

A beautiful scene.

Nice rides.

Thailand food for dinner.

Continued to USA -day 9-Michigan to Japan

Sunday, September 18, 2011

USA -day 6-Chicago

Continued from USA -day 5-Chicago

2nd day in Chicago.

Today we have a ride of a boat tour along cannals.

The tour goes through the cannals and to the lake of Michigan. We see buildings from the cannals. The weather is not good, though.

After the seawall, the wave gets high and shakes the boat. I have some sea sickness and get feeling worse.

It starts raining and go to the inside of the boat.

After the boat tour, we go to a famous pop corn shop.

A long cue in the store.

Garrett Popcorn Shops

For lunch we go to Chgo Pizza&Oven Grinder.

Baking a pie covering pizza very hot, then open it to eat.

Tastes nice!

Going back to Michigan with picking the pop corn.

On the way back it starts raining again.

Chinese dinner.

Continued to USA -day 7,8-Michigan, MTB-Day 2-Pinckney(20.6/58.8km)