Monday, August 15, 2011

MTB-Day 1-Minekata(16.4/38.2km)

Day 1, 6days for cycling, total distance 38.2km, total climb 959m
Minekata 9:39-13:45
Distance today 16.4km, climb 201m, duration 1:42, avg speed 9.6km/h, burned 577kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

The last day for my summer vacation.

It's already the day 4 for cycling. Now I feel exhausted and run on MTB for a short course.

Today I go with a friend Mr.M, as we met at powder skiing in January.

We go together to Minekata, that's the only one I know as a trail.

It's cloudy and Hakuba summits are not seen.

Very cool air above 1000m elevation.

We chose a longer course.

It's good that he likes this course.

On the way back, we met my backcountry mate yukomiso-san.

We have lunch together.

Poke burger at Sounds Like Cafe.

Pretty much enjoyed for four days. Many thanks to my friends.

I left Hakuba very late to avoid traffic, but it was still jammed. It took 1 hour longer than usual.


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