Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cycling-Day 14-Oomachi(49.1/3,780.0km)

Day 14, 68days for cycling, total distance 3,780.0km, total climb 47,834m
Oomachi 9:19-12:12
Distance today 49.1km, climb 875m, duration 2:50, avg speed 17.3km/h, burned 1,337kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

Nice blue sky in Hakuba.

I wanted to start earlier. It's already 9 o'clock

Nicely running fast and arrived at Oomachi Onsen (hot spa). I go around here.

Nice view.

It is a higher place and cooler.

Jiigatake ski area.

Kashimayari Ski are. But the approach was a litte steep slope.

Big air bag jump.

It looks hot. Water jump should be much cooler.

What's this boat?

It looked like a video shooting.

It was very sunny, but suddenly it started raining!


It was raining in that area only. Hakuba village was dry.

It was short but a good running.

After cycling we went to Hotaru, a buckwheat noodle restaurant.


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