Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cycling-Day 10-Karuizawa-Tokyo(190.4/3,601.9km)

Day 10, 64days for cycling, total distance 3,601.9km, total climb 45,501m
Karuizawa-Tokyo 5:07-17:48
Distance today 190.4km, climb 1,702m, duration 10:14, avg speed 18.6km/h, burned 4,931kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520

Route today.

The weather did not look good, but it is one of the longest day in a year to ride far.
It was misty rain but the forecast said it would be cloudy. Let's see how it works.

5:07 started.

I was not lucky for traffic signals. Almost every signal stopped me.

Stayed at low average. It was good for me to start earlier.

6:03 Arrived at Tokyo Station. 11km so far.

I broke the bike here to take it into Shinkansen.

Took Nagano Shinkansen for Karuizawa, one of famous summer resorts.

I bought a meal box for my breakfast. Chicken and rice.

7:32 Arrived at Karuizawa.

Now I built the bike and started again.

At first I visited my ancestors' grave. It was too early to buy flowers, so I went to the grave without flowers!

Very good season with green leaves in Karuizawa. Very cool and nice.

An old house in Karuizawa, probably good for TV dramas.

Please contact me if you need to camera shooting.

8:30 Now the time to go back to home, 150km away.

It's a long long way home.

An arch bridge used for rail tracks long time ago.

Looked beautiful behind the mist.

Run run run! along route 254. It was very smooth to run.

11:11 boundary between Saitama and Gumma prefectures. 62km away from Karuizawa.

A famous ice candy, "Gari Gari kun".

They must be producing a lot for the hot summer.

12:06 Arrived at Yorii. 80km away from Karuizawa, 3 hours and half.

I had many memories of "長瀞" (Nagatoro) to refrain my kayaking days.

Many kayaks were seen under the bridge.

Some were paddling.

It should be better to go along the route 254, but I felt it should have been faster to go to Tama river.
At the end I found it was longer.

14:46 Arrived at Iruma. 125km away from Karuizawa, 6 hours and a quarter.

There is a Costco in Iruma, crowded everyday. The cue for parking jams the street.
They should open Costco more in Japan.

15:49 Arrived at Tama river cycling road. 145km away from Karuizawa, 7 hours and a quarter.

I know the road very well, so I felt it was almost finished. But still 40km more.

Many people enjoyed barbecue under the train bridge.

17:13 Arrived at Futako Tamagawa. 170km away from Karuizawa, 8 hours and 3 quarters.

17:48 Came back to the start point. 179km away from Karuizawa, 9 hours and a quarter. 190km in total with another run from here to Tokyo station in the morning.

This is the record of the length. It was good to come back in daylight.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My sweets -Day 24(Taneya)

24 days for this season


Yomogi mochi (mugwort rice cake)
Young sweetfish

Yomogi mochi, or mugwort rice cake, is sweet black bean paste wrapped by rice cake kneaded together with mugwort. It is a typical bean paste rice cake in this green season.
Young sweetfish is sweet bean paste wrapped by pan cake with a sweetfish shape. Sweetfish fishing season starts from June in Japan and this sweet cake is representing the season, too.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cycling-Day 9-Miasa(48.9/3,411.4km)

Day 9, 63days for cycling, total distance 3,411.4km, total climb 43,799m
Miasa 11:04-14:53
Distance today 48.9km, climb 917m, duration 3:6, avg speed 15.7km/h, burned 1,289kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

Cycling in Hakuba, just like yesterday.

I went to some locations for the drama again.
11:04 it's a little late to go further.

The first peak.

Nice blue sky.

Now I climbed up again. This is a long way. 11:46

After 30mins. climbing, I arrived at the top. 12:18

I went to Miasa Coffee.

A steep slope, but ok for MTB.
A driver of a luxury car should be careful not to hit the bottom.

This is also the location for the drama.

Buckwheat flowers come out a few months later.

I had good coffee here.

Then started again. Nice descending to Lake Kizaki. 13:18

A nice Japanese restaurant, but closed in March.

Lake Kizaki.

Lake Aoki.

It would be perfect if the Japan alps were seen.

I tried another road to go home, but

The road ends very soon.

On the way home I bought a piece of cake.

The run was shorter, but nice riding in the beautiful blue sky.

My sweets -Day 23(Ricca)

23 days for this season

Hokujo 2548-2, Hakuba village, Nagano
Tel. 0261-85-0321

Nagomi Roll

Black bean and 'Mochi' rice cake are rolled in it.
A Japanese style, light taste and good balance.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cycling-Day 8-Azumino(92.7/3,362.6km)

Day 8, 62days for cycling, total distance 3,362.6km, total climb 42,882m
Azumino 8:41-14:39
Distance today 92.7km, climb 1,009m, duration 5:39, avg speed 16.4km/h, burned 2,461kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Route today.

I run in Hakuba today.

The bike I left in Hakuba is MTB. Not easy to run longer.

Azumino, North of Matsumoto city in Nagano prefecture, is a popular place for sightseeing. An NHK drama "Ohisama" in the morning on air now is shot here.

I started at 8:41.

9:32 An iris field.

10:13 Keep running along Takase river.

10:55 Arrived at Daio Wasabi Farm (Japanese horseradish farm). This area is good for planting wasabi.

A cafe used for the drama.

It is just a drama set. No in use for a cafe.

I wanted to go around in Azumino, but it started raining.

I had to go home.

It stopped around Omachi city.

But the forecast says it starts again. I should better go home.

It started again I had just arrived in Hakuba.

I bought some breads for breakfast.

Good bakery.

Lastly I wanted to buy a piece of cake, but,

It was closed.

Hmm. Not a perfect ride today.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cycling-Day 7-Enoshima(116.9/3,269.9km)

Day 7, 61days for cycling, total distance 3,269.9km, total climb 41,873m
Enoshima 6:09-13:38
Distance today 116.9km, climb 955m, duration 6:53, avg speed 17.0km/h, burned 3,300kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520

Route today.

I wanted to run on Saturday but it was raining in the morning. Today, the rain stopped and would not start again.

Started at 6:09. Today's goal was Enoshima island, 60km away from Tokyo.

6:28 Maruko bashi bridge over Tama river.

After the bridge, almost every traffic signal stopped me. It took more time.
I chose Tsurumigawa Cycling road and Sakaigawa Cycling road on the way, where I usually ran for the way back.

6:59 Trurumigawa Cycling road.
It was not hot but humid today.

8:06 start running on Sakaigawa Cycling road.

25km to go to Enoshima.

9:19 Enosima was seen.

9:26 Here I came to Enoshima again.

I wanted to eat some at Enoshima, but it was too early.

A restaurant, Enoshima Koya at the end of the bridge.
It was too early to have Rice bowl with young sardines. The fisherman's ship had not come back yet.

Koya's bowl as my late breakfast. It was very good enough, though.

Now I started running back home. Running along Sakaigawa again.

10:28 The end of Kashiogawa river. Now I ran along Kashiogawa from here.

The cycling road along Kashiogawa was also well groomed.

11:15 Returning to Route 1 nearby Higashi Totsuka.

11:54 Yokohama station.

Usually I ran on route 1, but I chose route 15 from here, which has less up and downs.

12:26 Across Tsurumi river.

I was running upstream 5 hours ago.

12:40 Across Tama river.

13:08 Tachiaigawa

I ran upstream of Tachiaigawa from here. Tachiaigawa river is running near my home, and it will lead me home.

The river flows in the tunnel, and a road is running over the river.

The road is well organized, but it is cut off at Ebaracho and Hatanodai. I could come back to the road again easily.

The blue zone is for cycling.

Some parts are for walking only, and it was not easy to run fast among people walking.

13:38 Cycling ended.

Tachiaigawa is not the fast road.

Appx. 120km round trip to Enoshima, not too bad.