Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ski day 49 at HappoOne

49th day for this ski season, 33 days for powder, 18 days for backcountry, telemark for 13days

HappoOne 12:15-14:15

Gear: BanYa M0809

To save fuel, I went to Happoone by bicycle.

Usagi and Kurobishi were hard and icy.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ski day 48 at HappoOne

48th day for this ski season, 33 days for powder, 18 days for backcountry, telemark for 13days

HappoOne 8:00-10:00
Gear: Teneighty GUN Labo+GARMONT RADIUM

Probably this is the last powder in ski area.

Although hitting bottoms sometimes, it was nice powder and the skies ran fast.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cycling-Day 3-Tama(42.9/2,947.7km)

Day 3, 57days for cycling, total distance 2,947.7km, total climb 38,918m
Tama 13:17-16:23
Distance today 42.9km, climb 329m, duration 2:47, avg speed 15.4km/h, burned 1,244kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Route today.

National holidays, when I was supposed to go skiing.

Enjoying skiing would be inappropriate in such a situation, but I have no skills or no power to help the damaged area but praying. My passing from skiing may reduce consumption which slows down the economy, in the other hand.
First of all, I have no gasoline now.

Well, probably I should go out biking rather than spending electricity at home.

After passing Marukobashi bridge, I turned to Fuchu street, not to Tamagawa Cylcling Road.

A gas station at Fuchu street.

Closed after sold out.

Another open station had a long cue.

The cue continued behind me.

I found a sign board "Nihon Minkaen" or Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum.

Unfortunately it was closed due to the security check after the quake.

I went up to Tamagawabara-bashi bridge, then turned to Tamagawa Cycling Road.

The peaceful scene made me relaxed, during such depressing days.
Tamagawa Cycling Road was as usual with bike riders and walkers.

I wanted to see PEACE TOKYO, while it is closed in winter time.

No houses left and completely removed.

As of March 20, the open date is not confirmed yet. I hope it will be opened again this year.

I bought some cakes at a patisserie.

Although the riding was short, it made me relaxed and refreshed.
Reading twitter everyday made me nervous and think too much, which may bring my mind unhealthy.

Riding my bike in open air without reading twitter or emails allowed me meditate well.
Let's go out and see the sun and the blue sky, then you may feel good!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cycling-Day 2-Shibuya(16.7/2,904.8km)

Day 2, 56days for cycling, total distance 2,904.8km, total climb 38,589m
Shibuya 12:19-15:40
Distance today 16.7km, climb 129m, duration 1:46, avg speed 9.4km/h, burned 612kcal
Gear: Eurasia 520
Route today

The rolling blackout brings troubles to train operations in Tokyo.

I had work to do today. Inbound could be ok, but outbound would be suspended due to the outage. My car is not available for fuel shortage.
Then bicycle would be the best choice.

The town becomes more stable now.

As soon as I entered into a bank to pay a tax, the earthquake alert rang and I was frozen.
The clerks would be surprised that a stranger was frozen as soon as entered.


I wanted to buy something there but I could not find a parking space.

Next was Shibuya.
I had done one of my works then went to Mont Bell, an outdoor store.

I bought a head light because my wife's family wanted to have it for the rolling blackout.
Mont Bell said the head light was sold out once, but the stock was filled up while a flash light is sold out at any stores.
I recommend to use a head light instead of a flash light. A head light let you use your hands in case of accident.

I went home with searching a lunch space.

Mishuku could be nice to have a lunch at a cozy cafe, but the price was high.
Then I traveled around to Gakugei Daigaku (almost close to home) and had McDonald at the end.

Very comfortable transportation. I want to use bicycle for work if I would not need to ware suit or carry a brief case.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ski day 47 at HappoOne

47th day for this ski season, 32 days for powder, 18 days for backcountry, telemark for 13days

HappoOne 8:15-10:45
Gear: Teneighty GUN Labo+GARMONT RADIUM

I enjoyed powder snow yesterday, but it was almost finished.
I almost gave up the powder, but it started snowing heavily at night.

I woke up early in the morning for getting powder, just in case.

10cm fresh snow on my car. Good enough for powder skiing.
I chose HappoOne today. Cortina would be a little risky to be closed. Besides, I don't need a lift ticket at Happo.

I parked at Kokusai, but seemed few snow.

Central looked nice.

All Japan Ski Techinique Championship is held at Happo and the courses are separated.

I ran on Central. Hitting the bottom somehow, but mostly nice.

Usagi and Tanuki were closed fro the championship.

The sides were possible, but no fun.

I was wondering Happo was not a good choice today, but Grat looked nice when I got off Alpen Quad.

Grad was short, but nice. I ran several times.
Then I moved to Skyline through Kurobishi.
I hit bottoms a little at Kurobishi.


Almost finished.

But I got some good runs where I know.

After a few runs I ended up.

I enjoyed very much for unexpected powder snow.

Well, seems an end of powder at ski areas. One or two more?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ski day 46 at Cortina

46th day for this ski season, 31 days for powder, 18 days for backcountry, telemark for 13days

Cortina 9:20-12:15
Gear: Teneighty GUN Labo+GARMONT RADIUM

I got a forecast that it would snow Wednesday night. I managed to finish my work and came to Hakuba last night.
But there was few fresh snow on the road.

It was same in the morning. Mmm, I probably missed and then attempted to go sleep again, but should wait for the renew of Cortina web site.

It said the fresh snow was 40cm. I doubted but left for Cortina, just in case.

I arrived at Cortina and found the roof was white. A good sign.

Then another concern was lift suspension for avalanche risk. The ticket window said it was under investigation. I was waiting for the final decision while other people bought tickets. I did not waste money.

The announce seemed to say lift #4 had started, but not sure. I asked a staff then he said it was for lift #3. He said #4 was still under investigation.
Then I was still waiting, but....

Somebody was coming down Hieda course! Hey, lift #4 had already started!!

The staff cheated me.

I rushed to buy the ticket and headed to the top.
Well, it's ok to be late. I gave up to get the first track at Hieda when I decided to wait for the final condition.

Looks good!!


The snow let me run fast without hitting the bottom. Clear view.
Probably the best one at Cortina in this season.

A few runs at the ski area and then also ran in the back side. It was authentic.

After hours, the snow became heavy because of the sunshine.

I jumped in the back side and landed to a tree pocket. What a mess.

After that I went to Area A again, but it was already finished.

Probably I should quit one run before in good memories.

I ate a burger at Little Alaskan & Small Cabin.

Thanks for the powder day.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ski day 45 at Urahiyo

45th day for this ski season, 30 days for powder, 18 days for backcountry, telemark for 13days

Urahiyo 9:00-13:15

Skiing since two weeks ago. Two weeks are long time for me not to ski.

It snowed on Thursday, then we go to back country skiing today.

I was supposed to get up at 6.30 but I set a wrong time on my alarm and I knew it was 7.30! I was in panic, but somehow we could leave 30 minutes late.

We saw Harland Sanders at the base station.

He puts goggles.

It was a beautiful blue sky.

We came to Urahiyo top.
Perfect virgin snow, powder. There must be your happiness.

Here we go now!

That's Urahiyo, that never betrays us.

Climbed up again.

When we turned around,

It's already gone.

Mmmm, we wanted to climb up a few times...

No way! We must go.

There were also many at the 'Rock' for climbing to Wakaguri. It's 11 o'clock yet...

We quickly started and came to Kurokawa sawa.

Nobody has come yet.

This was also nice. It was very fine powder, skis were running fast, open and steep slope. We have never experienced before.

No reason to leave. Now we climb up again.

Here we go again.

Thanks for the powder day.

but the condition to a dam was awful. Stop-snow, crust, bump, every harassment was waiting for us.

We were waiting for Konayuki bus and another shuttle bus just came in. We did not have to wait for going back to Tsugaike.

We gut lunch at Yaen.

Today's movie.