Thursday, November 09, 2006

Biz travel to Shikoku

I had a business trip to Takamatsu, Shikoku (south east island of Japan).

My position needs few business trips, so this trip excited me.

It was one day trip and only two hours meeting there. For it I had to take a flight in the morning and back in the evening. Eventually it took all day long.
It was easier somehow than usual, meeting and meeting all day.

I reported to my boss I was going to go and he suggested me to stay the night. Hey, he should have said so before the arrangement

I was very nervous not to lose the ticket my assistant gave me, but the reservation had already been resistered at the airline's web site. No ticket is required if you download two-dimensional bar code into your mobile phone. It is nice.

This was the first time to come to Takamatsu, even Shikoku. Takamatsu station looked most modern, after taking a bus from the airport. I did not have much time to take Sanuki Udon (Japanese noudle) and ran to the meeting.

The meeting was for a rapid of my job. It went very well .

I wanted to take Sanuki Udon on the way back to the airport but the meeting was extended more than I expected. There was not much time to go to the downtown and I had to go back to the airport from the client.

A sign board at Takamatsu Airport says "Udon" . This is Takamatsu, the center of Sanuki Udon.

At last I could take Sanuki Udon here and successfully completed my last business purpose?.

It was a fan for me to go a business trip. It is always welcome of this style.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sweets Diary - Day 38 (Funawa)

Sweets Day 38

(Left ) Caramel pudding with black sessame taste price 420 yen
(Right) Sweet potate pudding with honey taste price 420 yen

Shop:Roppongi Hills North Tower B1F, Mitsumame (Sweet bean) hall Funawa

Funawa, a familiar place in these days. Today I chose pudding, but not Anko-dama (sweet bean paste ball).
The pudding was also made good enough with the Japanese sweet taste, by the long-established store.
Caramel pudding tasted very sweet, just like as the name of caramel. The black sesame paste was not too sweet though, rich flavored of the sesame.
Sweet potate pudding made me feel the tone of the long-established store of the sweet potate jelly. It tasted just like Funawa's sweet potate jelly.

Kayaking Diary - Mitake(32/144)

Day 32, 144 days since started kayaking (Folding kayak 5 days)
Mitake 9:00-14:30(Self training)

Mitake: Water level -2.26m (Chofu bridge 12:00), 16°C cloudy
Gear:Kingpin icon 6.1+Dry Jacket+Zeoline Expedition+Wet pants. Moderate in this ware.

Today I took a day off for Mitake in the morning. I tried and could rise up early, not like getting up late in these days.
Despite of getting up early, I was stuck in a jam and arrived at Mitake at 9 o'clock. I was supposed to leave early for arriving Mitake at 8 o'clock if it had been Saturday.

It was the day after national holidays. Very few people were found at the river, only two fishers.
I was paddling alone for a while and acompanied with one from Wiz-nature, who left me alone soon again.

At first I started at Benjoshita. Starting at 9 o'clock allows you to train much on the normal water level.
I installed a video camera but it was shooting another drop. It missed me because I could not check someone's paddling.
After the water level got up 11 o'clock I tried shooting video again. It was hard to stay in the hole after the water level up. For the cartwheel the beginning was ok but not good after that with hitting stern on the rock or getting the boat flat.

After it I went to the left hole for training. I got the stern hit again. Only once three ends were successful, probably luck.

At Misogi I practiced clockwise spinning and right side cartwheel. I was warm up to try hard alone. The clockwise spinning here was getting successful and right side cartwheel with two ends was successful in luck.

Training alone for 4 hours and half got me exhausted.

Mamagoto-ya was closed. It was as if there was no crowd in the holidays. A few people were walking around the trail.

I wanted to go to Umeburo, or a plum bath after so long, but found it was also closed on Monday.

I had a work to do somehow and went to the office. Again, a car with kayak was parked at Roppongi hills, a smart business complex.
My people was working hard while I was paddling, which satisfied me and allowed me go home after checking emails quickly.

Maybe this would be the last time for paddling at Mitake. Thanks for letting me paddle good here. Mitake is a good place.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Late autumn in Karuizawa

We went to Karuizawa for a visit of my ancestral grave.

Trees turned red and yellow, and larch leaves were falling down.

The temperature was low and the air was cold. The TV news said it frosted in the next morning.

We enjoyed the tea time at "Pines Luncheonette" where we often visit recently. Sandwich, scone and tea for two costed 1,890 yen. Roast beef sandwich tasted good.

A large scone was warm and crispy.
The cafe master remembered us and we talked together for a while.

The cafe will be closed in the next week for this year. Kyu-Karuizawa (the old town of Karuizawa) was ready for winter. We will come back next year.

Afterward we went to Hakuba, took diner at our favorite cafe 「CAREFREE CAFE」, and relaxed in spa.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Kayaking Diary - Mitake(31/143)

Day 31, 143 days since started kayaking (Folding kayak 5 days)
Mitake 10:00-16:00(Self training)

Mitake: Water level -2.24m (Chofu bridge 12:00), 18°C sunny
Gear:Kingpin icon 6.1+Dry Jacket+Zeoline Expedition+Wet pants. Warm in daylight, a bit cold in sunset

Today I supposed to go to Nagatoro being acompanied with friends, but I rose up at 6:30. Normally it was still early enough in the morning, but Kan-Etsu exp. way already had heavy traffic on the first day of holidays. Besides the appointment was at 8:15 at Kutsunashi. I could never make it. Sorry, Macky.

With regretting Nagatoro I went to Mitake. Chuo exp. way had also heavy traffic but Mitake is reachable through open roads.
Ome street was jammed though and I arrived at Kanzanji at 9:30. It was unusual to take 2 hours and half.

Starting time was eventually at 10 o'clock, just as two days ago. I could have enjoyed the best water level if I had come earlier. If I rose up early I could have been in Nagatoro, though.

I enjoyed at Benjoshita for an hour.
While I was paddling wiz-nature people came and made many tricks, which were very helpful for me.
From 11 o'clock the water level got up as usual, but I could make spinning three times with having some technique. It was a great progress while I was flushed out after one spinning.

At the left hole I practiced cartwheel as usual. Almost three ends were successful. It was a slow progress but the rate gots high to be able to get three ends.

Afterward I went down to Misogi. After hard training in the morning I ran out of energy and took lunch at riverside.
People accompanied with at Benjoshita also made a great success here.

After lunch I joined to them.
I got some skills about clockwise spinning better than two days ago and made spinning two-three times. The lotation was very quick with few people, which made me feel hard.

After that many people came down like this (more people were there out of the frame). Few turns allowed me an entry miss and I went down one step further.

I tried the cartwheel at right side at Endarpoint. I made unexpected three ends. It was strange for me to made three ends in the side I did not train while I made only three ends or less in the left side.

I asked Gravity for forwarding service, which allowed me go down to the end with playing at several spots.
Thank you 510-san.

On the way back Mutsumi-bashi street was jammed, which have hardly been in heavy traffic. It took two hours and half. I don't like holidays of such heavy traffic.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Welcome/Farewell Party

Today we had a welcome/farewell party of entire our company for my boss (precisely my boss's boss) leaving.
After the toast I had to go back to work and came back to the party after the work.

He is a nice guy like mild Harrison Ford. He is promoted to the head office.

I thank you for his kindness even in a short time for two years and half we worked together.

His successor is also a good man. That's nice.

We have to go together for two months until the year ending.

I rarely write about my work, but I wanted to leave a comment for him as my gratitude.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kayaking Diary - Mitake(30/142)

Day 30, 142 days since started kayaking (Folding kayak 5 days)
Mitake 10:00-15:15(Self training)

Mitake: Water level -2.21m (Chofu bridge 12:00), 21°C cloudy
Gear:Kingpin icon 6.1+Dry Jacket+Wet pants. Cold unless paddling

Today, I took a day off and went to Mitake.
Due to the hard work last week I felt back to sleep. The cold weather makes hard to rise up. The commuting hour and heavy trafic took me to Mitake 1 hour late. I should leave earlier.

At first I paddled at Benjoshita at the water level of -2.25m. It was good for spinning several times and allowed me to try cartwheel.
Afterward the water level rose up around 11 o'clock, as usual and it was getting hard to stay in the hole. I was struggling until 12 o'clock, but that was the end.

It was a weekday, ending of the season and I expected nobody was there. It was surprising there were more than I expected. They were the regular I have often seen.

After Benjoshita I went to the left hole for cartwheel practice and to Misogi after that.

At Misogi the clockwise spinning hole appeared after a long time. I was trying hard to find the spinning point. The other ones were spinning very well admirably.
At the ending I found the spinning point finally, but the actual spinning is a different story. I have hardly been spinning clockwise for a long time.
I succeeded 180 only several times.
I was trying hard and it reminded me my bad memories of club activities when I was a student and discouraged, but completed the traning.

Kayaking is a sport which allows you to glow so as you train, encouraging a awkward person like me.