Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cycling-Day 46-Tama River(Hamura Dam)

Very cold day.

Day 46, 285 days for cycling, total distance 19,985.3km, total climb 224,373m
Tama River(Hamura Dam) 9:29-14:53
Distance today 99.8km, climb 393m, duration 4:18, avg speed 23.1km/h, burned 2,033kcal
186 days since injury, 155 days since surgery

I wanted to go riding on 23rd, a national holiday, but it looks like a rainy day.
Hakuba got snowy, and Happo-One is going to open today.
I am just watching the news as I cannot ski.

Arriving at Hamura Dam in 2 hours 6 minutes. Strong against wind slowed me down.

This strong north wind brings snow in mountain, which also makes me upset.
The north wind is not worth for me at all this year.

Nicely colored ginkgo tree.

Lunch plate at my favorite restaurant.

The cycling road in autumn looks wider.

Today Mt. Fuji looked very clear all the way.

There is a running event on 23rd. Good to go riding on Tamagawa today.

Stopping by my favorite bakery as usual.

It was cold today, but I was running in T shirts only.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cycling-Day 45-Okusawa

A routine riding to the bakery.

Day 45, 284 days for cycling, total distance 19,791.6km, total climb 223,650m
Okusawa 10:24-10:49
Distance today 5.9km, climb 64m, duration 22:53, avg speed 15.4km/h, burned 127kcal
182 days since injury, 151 days since surgery

I wanted to go riding far but I couldn't leave as I felt exhausted.

Buying breakfast and lunch.

It's cold today. Can be warmed up after exercising a little.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cycling-Day 44-Kyobashi/ShibaKoen/Azabu

Hopping site to site in Tokyo.

Day 44, 283 days for cycling, total distance 19,788.3km, total climb 223,724m
Kyobashi/ShibaKoen/Azabu 12:00-15:29
Distance today 8.5km, climb 202m, duration 0:42, avg speed 11.7km/h, burned 245kcal
Gear: DoCoMo Bikke
181 days since injury, 150 days since surgery

The street was shaded and cold.

Minato city hall.

After a meeting, I took a ride again.

The departure was a little delayed.

Dropping the bike off at a cycle port.

In the cold weather I didn't sweat.

This cycle port is a little away from a hospital I want to go.
Wishing a cycle port at the hospital, but probably patients will not use bicycle.

After lunch I walked to Meguro station.

Walking-Day 14-Shirokane(2.1km)
Shirokane 16:14-16:38
Distance today 2.1km, climb 46m, duration 0:23, avg speed 5.2km/h, burned 103kcal.

Wishing cycle ports at all Yamanote line stations.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cycling-Day 43-Enoshima

Departing in early morning.

The sun has already risen but the streets are shaded. It is really cold.

Day 43, 282 days for cycling, total distance 19,891.5km, total climb 224,630m
Enoshima 6:27-13:28
Distance today 120.1km, climb 1,310m, duration 5:59, avg speed 20.1km/h, burned 2,542kcal
177 days since injury, 146 days since surgery

Mt. Fuji appears clearly.

Red signals stopped me a lot and slowed me down, but

Arrived in Samukawa shrine in 2 hours 8 minutes.

Crossing Sagami river.

Mt. Fuji looks bigger here.

Arriving in Enoshima in 1 hour.

Wished to see Mt. Fuji from here.

My breakfast.

This menu is limited until 10:30 a.m.
Departing in early morning deserved this.

Keep pedaling back home, in the strong against wind.

Coming back to Marukobashi bridge in 6 hours.

Buying bread at the bakery as usual,

And buying cakes at the patisserie.

Good riding for early return although it was cold in the morning.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Walking-Day 13-Togoshi

Walking around in Togoshi.

Day 13
Togoshi 13:07-15:41
Distance today 6.2km, climb 72m, duration 1:37, avg speed 3.8km/h, burned 287kcal
176 days since injury, 145 days since surgery

It was raining in the morning and the forecast called chances to rain in the afternoon. I wanted to go riding but I couldn't.

I heard a small market in Togoshi Yawata shrine and visited with my wife.

Bought some cookies.

Lunch at a sandwich cafe we found on the way.

Walking to Musashi Koyama on the way back.

Good to visit a town I don't often go to.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Cycling-Day 42-Roppongi/Shibakoen/Kanda

Hopping for work.

Day 42, 281 days for cycling, total distance 19,658.9km, total climb 222,210m
Roppongi/Shibakoen/Kanda 13:41-16:21
Distance today 7.6km, climb 200m, duration 3:4, avg speed 8.9km/h, burned 235kcal
Gear: DoCoMo Bikke
175 days since injury, 144 days since surgery

Carrying a big bag in the front basket and wearing suits, like a sales person of a commercial bank.

From Roppongi to ShibaKoen.

After a meeting, the next trip is from ShibaKoen to Kanda.

The bike I rode from Roppongi was still there. I used the same bike again, because I didn't have to change the seat position.

I rode very fast,

And arrived in Kanda in only 21 minutes.
The rental fee was 150yen, less than subway toll and duration.

I wanted to ride from Kanda to Shibuya again, but the meeting in Kanda was extended and I couldn't make it.

Then I walked from Shibuya to home.

Walking-Day 10-Shibuya(6.5km)

Day 10
Shibuya 22:41-0:27
Distance today 6.5km, climb 95m, duration 1:26, avg speed 4.5km/h, burned 308kcal

Much better than riding an exercise bike in a gym.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Cycling-Day 41-Neighborhood

Day 41, 280 days for cycling, total distance 19,645.3km, total climb 221,831m
Neighborhood 12:06-12:19
Distance today 1.6km, climb 21m, duration 0:8, avg speed 12.3km/h, burned 39kcal
174 days since injury, 143 days since surgery

Buying bread for lunch in neighborhood.

I should go riding in such a nice day.