Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cycling-Day 25-Okusawa(6.0km)

To the bakery as usual, before the typhoon approaches.
Day 25, 264 days for cycling, total distance 18,833.9km, total climb 214,315m
Okusawa 10:33-11:02
Distance today 6.0km, climb 65m, duration 0:34, avg speed 16.2km/h, burned 130kcal
120 days since injury, 89 days since surgery

I wanted go further today, but the forecast calls the rain soon.
I got asleep again and got up late, then left to the bakery as usual.

Eventually it started raining very late afternoon, perhaps I could go further.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Cycling-Day 24-Hakuba

Riding in neighborhood.

Day 24, 263 days for cycling, total distance 18,828.5km, total climb 214,272m
Hakuba 10:08-11:25
Distance today 6.5km, climb 87m, duration 0:15, avg speed 16.2km/h, burned 116kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro
107 days since injury, 76 days since surgery

I was really exhausted after the long riding yesterday.

Brunching at my favorite cafe.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Cycling-Day 23-Matsumoto Castle

Cool riding in Hakuba.
Rice fields got yellow while I was absent.

Day 23, 262 days for cycling, total distance 18,934.0km, total climb 214,731m
Matsumoto Castle 8:01-15:10
Distance today 118.5km, climb 633m, duration 5:33, avg speed 21.4km/h, burned 2,276kcal
Gear: Specialized Rockhopper Pro
106 days since injury, 75 days since surgery

I was thinking to go to Daio Wasabi field, a shorter riding but the wheel break blade got noise on the way. Then I changed my mind to go to Bike Ranch for maintenance, and Matsumoto castle is not far from Bike Ranch.
Eventually the final destination became Matsumoto castle, 60km away.

Arriving 2 hours 35 minutes.

Rehabilitation with this knee brace required longer duration.

I arrived at Bike Ranch before it was open.

They fixed the brake blade and I got on the way back.

Nice cool breeze,

but the wind got stronger, and against.

Buckwheat field got flowers. Actually it stinks.

I wonder how the rich flavor of buckwheat is made from this stinky flowers.

My initial plan was to take lunch in Omachi city, but I got hunger-knocked 10km before Omachi.
After the surgery I got weakened.

I bought an energy drink can.
I usually plan carefully where I take food and how, but today I failed.
But this energy drink can got me to reach Omachi.

Lunch as planned.
Now I got enough energy to go home, but

The against wind got stronger and stronger.

I completely exhausted when I came back to Hakuba.

The BIG, a glossary store got a bike stand. It was too small to hang my bike.

120km riding in total was a little tough for me, after the blank.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Cycling-Day 22-Tama River(Manganji ferry)

Tamagawa riding after two months.

Day 22, 261 days for cycling, total distance 18,763.0km, total climb 214,251m
Tama River(Manganji ferry) 11:24-15:05
Distance today 66.1km, climb 785m, duration 3:3, avg speed 21.6km/h, burned 1,373kcal
100 days since injury, 69 days since surgery

Nice early autumn blue sky.

Today I tried going further.

Marukobashi bridge.

The pace was slower, but I could arrive at Manganji ferry.

Perhaps I could go further, but I return here to be more conservative.

This place was Seven Eleven a few years ago and had been vacant since it was closed. Now a new cafe is open.

I wanted to try visiting.

Nice coffee.

Then I stopped by a bakery.

Today the total distance was 65km without any problems.
Next time I will try 100km.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cycling-Day 21-Okusawa/Shinjuku

Bicycle riding has been permitted!!

99 days since injury, 68 days since surgery
Day 21, 260 days for cycling, total distance 18,658.9km, total climb 213,082m
Okusawa/Shinjuku 10:45-16:07
Distance today 28.1km, climb 401m, duration 1:28, avg speed 14.9km/h, burned 684kcal

I saw a doctor last Monday and he has allowed me to ride on bicycle.

I was a little nervous for a long ride, and also the forecast called raining in the afternoon. Attempting a short ride to my favorite bakery.

Okusawa 10:45-11:13
Distance today 5.9km, climb 62m, duration 0:23, avg speed 14.9km/h, burned 135kcal

No need to pedal on right foot only, and just normally wearing both SPD sandals.
The first pedaling was a little strange wearing with the knee brace, but getting along with it to the bakery.

Bought a piece of sandwich for brunch.
I came here for walking several times last several weeks, but it is good to be here on bike.

In the afternoon I had something to do in Shinjuku, while the forecast called raining.
Walking is an option, but the rain stopped and looked no raining again.
Attempting another ride.

Shinjuku 14:25-16:07
Distance today 22.2km, climb 339m, duration 1:41, avg speed 14.9km/h, burned 549kcal

Some drops and drizzles on the way, but no problem to reach Shinjuku.

There was an event in Yoyogi.

Eating burger at a cafe, which I wanted to visit.

Good to be back to have my lovely combination of B&B, burger and bicycle.

And good to be back to another favorite bakery.

I knew, but realized riding bike is much better than exercise bike.
I had ridden on an exercise bike after the surgery, but getting tired after 30 minutes, and 1 hour is my metal limit.
Nice to feel breeze on bike outside.
Walking was not bad, but bike takes me further, and allows me hop from spot to spot. Really happy to back on ride.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Walking-Day 9-Ebisu(14.3km)

To rebuilding the body after a lazy business trip to Hokkaido. 
The clouds looks thick.
Tokyo has over 20 rainy days straight.

Day 9
Ebisu 14:18-17:35
Distance today 14.3km, climb 241m, duration 2:35, avg speed 5.5km/h, burned 733kcal

I felt a little exhausted and didn't want to walk far.
Coming to Ebisu, to visit a brawny store.

I wanted to eat it here but the eat-in service was finished. I bought some pieces.

Retrying a burger shop on the way back, which I could not get in last week.

Luck to have a burger.

Then I had to go back to Ebisu station after I remembered to buy something.
I found the good to buy was sold out there, and kept walking to Ebisu garden place.

There was a market.

I wanted to have coffee on the way back,

but all seats were full. I took some samples.

The total distance was 14km. I didn't realize I walked that far.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Walking-Day 8-Shibuya(15.6km)

Walking day goes on.

Day 8
Shibuya 11:44-15:30
Distance today 15.6km, climb 282m, duration 2:52, avg speed 5.4km/h, burned 769kcal

One of my favorite bakery was closed last month, but their chain cafe takes over some of menu. I walked up to buy it. Of course I could ride on train, though.

A sandwich house on the way.

I am interested in this place, but all sandwiches were sold out at the time.

Hillside pantry.
It's been really for a while since I came here.

I love this croissant. Love to have this again.

Shibuya was busy in summer season.

There was a long long queuing for an event of Minions in Harajuku.
Actually I came far beyond my destination today.

The bakery of my destination today.
1 hour half, 8km so far.

Just buy bread and return.

I wanted to try a burger here,

but the seats were full.

The sandwich house I stopped by on the way got new fresh sandwiches on the way back.

Passion fruit sandwich tastes good, but cannot be to go in such hot weather.

Late lunch at a burger restaurant.

Burger with beer. I don't drink beer often, but looks like a nice combination with a burger.

Ootori shrine.

I went through this place but this is the first time to visit.

The clouds approaching in the west sky,

but good to be back before it gets rain.